I haven't updated the build pages in a while but that doesn't mean nothing's happening. The project is at the stage where many hours of detail work yields very little visual progress. Every builder knows what I'm talking about. Well, I'm back.

One of the most interesting parts of the engine installation has been the air filter, air box, and devising an alternate air source. The idea was to slip a dual inlet K&N filter onto the servo and fabricate a door on the second inlet for alternate air. That didn't work out. We needed the filter to be centered and that left some room on the back to make an alt air inlet. Here's how it came to be. This filter is large and has a removable front plate so it allows access to the servo inlet ring. Handy.

The dual inlets will be cut out leaving enough room for some hold down plates to be added to secure the filter to the airbox. Mike made a jig to position the bolts and welded some arched steel that conformed to the inside walls of the filter. These will secure the filter nicely leaving the right side available for our air door.

With filter base opened up and base plates made, the filter is fitted into the air box. The installation is very secure and there are no parts to work loose and enter the servo inlet as all nuts are on the exterior of the box.

A door is cut and appropriately notched at interference points. A piano hinge is attached and the whole works is riveted onto the air box. The alternate air won't flow the volume of the primary air intake but it'll do an adequate job if the need arises.

Filter fitted, the landscape surveyed, and the air access port is cut.