It's time to mount the autopilot servos. I chose a two axis autopilot so elevator and aileron controls are in play. Here's the install in pictures starting with the elevator servo. With servos in hand we need to mount them and attach them to the sick. Here we go. Start with 3/8" stainless rod and some assorted fittings....

Bend and drill the rod to connect to the elevator controls, then decide on the servo location and cut to suit. I'll add servo attach pictures for this one later.

Now the aileron servo. Scratch head, make plan, measure twice, cut once. Here's the progression in pictures. First we need to fab a mount bracket.

Now we need some structure added to support the bracket under the carbon fiber floor. Once that's in, the floor is drilled and the bracket installed.

Now, take one of those thingamajigs and make an attachment point on the stick housing. Next a mock-up connection link is made to determine the required length for the rod, and then head to the lathe and make the rod. This is a very tidy and professional installation. And it's all Mike!