Time to start fitting the necessary appliances into the cowl. It begins with getting air into the servo. Not much space. We thought a K&N dual inlet filter may fit one hole onto the round servo and the other would serve as the alternate air. No go. The dual inlets were cut out and the filter centered. There's still space to get alternate air from the rear. Atlee cowl channels are a perfect fit. Next comes the baffles and top cowl. Then how to fit dual Niagara oil coolers into the nose. Attaching directly to the nose bowl works best. Turning the coolers vertical affords the best fit. This big engine has cold air induction and piston cooling nozzles. Both are known to increase oil temps. Oil coolers up front should be a good solution. Time to cut. Clearly there's much fabricating to do with scoops and patches but it looks like a Cub nose and will allow for typical Cub side cowl doors and the easy engine access they provide. Things are taking shape.