I've made no secret about my concerns regarding flap cable tension. Apparently cable tensions in the 120-130# range are typical with 9'+ Keller flaps on a Backcountry wing. My wings came with three return springs on each flap. My flaps still sagged. I'd need stronger springs to hold the flaps up and that would mean even higher cable tension. Instead of that we did a return scheme similar to a Cessna. The flap ratchet locks in each notch. I may change that to lock only in the retracted notch so the flaps can go from 1st to 2nd/3rd/4th notch without depressing the release button. We removed two springs from each wing. Cable tension is now around 80# with flaps fully deployed. Even at that we thought reinforcing the pulley studs made sense. Photo #1 is the flap return cable pulley attached to the spar. The rest are the stabilizers that have been added to the flap pulleys. Solid as a rock and they won't bounce with a breeze on the tail. Sweet! (The small piece of carbon fiber is to space the stabilizer so it'll fit properly over the side panels when installed.)