The engine is fed by mechanical fuel injection. That requires an engine-mounted mechanical fuel pump and a separate momentary high pressure electric fuel pump, Hot fuel is a problem with fuel injection systems so cooling the pumps is our plan. Part 23 requires new airplanes to use fire sleeves on fuel lines and we'll add that at final assembly to add to the overall insulation effort. The first part of the photo page illustrates the fabrication of a shroud for the mechanical pump. It will receive cool air via a blast tube off the rear baffle. Van's Aircraft sells shrouds but Mike likes making things. So it goes. 

Airflow Performance advises to keep their electric pump cool, as in installing it inside the cockpit. I didn't fancy that idea so it went to the firewall and required another insulating box. Again, this one will receive cool air from a blast tube. The outlet will receive a clamshell cover to direct outflow out the engine cowl's aft opening. Hopefully this cools the system adequately. I've been advised to shut the fuel valve off at engine shutdown. This old dog can learn a new trick. Perhaps I'll shut it off while taxiing to parking to relieve pressure. One more thing to play with. I'm looking forward to learning this new-to-me system.