Oil cooler duct outlets built, installed, and connected. We'll add deflectors under the cowl to promote flow.

Airflow Performance's high pressure pump doesn't like heat. I don't like fuel pumps inside the plane. We'll compromise and locate it above the gascolater on the firewall but will shroud it in an insulated isolater box equipped with a cool air blast tube.

Me making oil cooler lines. Fun to do until I needed two 45* line ends. $185.00....... EACH!

Coolers are attached to the nose bowl so the cowl channels get extra support. Flages are made to thru-bolt the coolers. Mike made a mold and poured custom rubber gaskets for the coolers. The airbox comes next and you can see the paper template being fashioned. Once all that's done the nose cowl can bet a little beauty treatment to smooth the wrinkles. I like the Cub-esque appearance. A lot!

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