The Backcountry kit includes a Matco tail wheel assembly with a wide tail wheel. Here's how it stacks up against an ABW Baby Bushwheel. The Matco tire is harder but hopefully the T3 will buffer that. I may switch the tire to the Bushwheel version but I like the Matco head and fork a lot.

What's Mike cooking now? When my PA-12 was new I had it parked outside with a mild wind on the tail. The flaps hammered enough to damage one at the flap stop. The big Keller flaps are controlled by a cable but an external lock is still a good idea. Mike made a mold and baked up some liquid rubber compund to create external flap locks. Martha Stewart has nothing on Max's Salmonella Grill!

The very popular T3 tail wheel suspension. I elected to use the standard Cub model with one dampener and already have plans to switch to a more adjustable shock absorber unit. It is not a priority at the moment, though. SO many things to do first.