First things first. The elevator autopilot servo will attach to the tab on the stick. At first I wanted capstan connections (servo pulls on a cable) but the solid rod seems like a better choice. With rod made and attached it's time to locate the servo. The wire connector forces it to stand on end to miss the rudder and brake rods. We'll make a shroud to cover all that stuff later. Once the servo position is decided it needs an install bracket. Out comes a piece of angle and off to the mill. Once the angle is milled and attach tabs added the servo is screwed down. All that's left is the final fitting of the control rod. Many don't choose an autopilot for a Cub but the Garmin G3X Touch has the function already built in so adding the servos is all that's required. I'll have fun playing with it even if I don't "need" it. Hell, truth is I'd never even seen an autopilot, let alone know how to install one. Here it is.