Time to locate and pre-install the slats. Mine are per instructions at level with the bottom of wing. There's much discussion about location within the slat user community. This will be more than I've ever had and will be more than I need for quite some time. If I ever master the airplane and need more performance I'll readdress them.  Leading edges were released and nut plates installed. We found the LE-to-spar screws were a little loose in their pilot holes so those will be replaced. Lucky find. But.... one thing leads to another. We also added more screws to noses. The factory was a little stingy with screws in that area compared to what's normal on a Cub wing. We added a couple of rows to tighten things up.

While the leading edges were being worked on it seemed like a good idea to extend the LE metal aft. Some guys like it to reduce scallop in the fabric. Then the argument about whether the benefit is worth the weight follows. Me? I park outside. I like that the ribs get a little reinforcement to help prevent damage from the big broom that'll sweep the snow off the wings. I've always been careful but it doesn't take much to do a little damage. These rib extrusions are pretty tough but hey, if a little's good more is better. The 020 aluminum gets a 90* return leg for strength on the aft edge. Metal is positioned and fixed with clecos and ribs are marked. The metal is removed for holes to be pre-drilled for rib stitching. I like it.