One thing's for sure, as many tabs as are provided, many needed to be removed and many more added. Put those on the list of little welding items along with fairleads, window channels, and interior panel edge channels and you will NOT be happy that you had the airframe powder coated. I ordered mine bare and after a couple of weeks of making little adjustments it might be ready to powder coat. I'm sure there are other little tweaks that need to be done. Deep breaths.... patience.... it's not a sprint.

I have nothing but praise for the kit quality but this is a custom Cub build, not a bolt-together kit that's assembly ready. Be realistic with your expectations and enjoy the process.

Oops. The attach for the window's gas cylinder wasn't located properly. At least the plate allowed room to drill a new hole that lets the window to open all the way. The rest of the plate is easily removed. Just another detail to check prior to powder coating.